Jotun is a global leader in paints and coatings. We have 74 companies and 40 production facilities on all continents. In addition, Jotun has agents, branch offi ces and distributors in more than 80 countries. Jotun supplies the residential,
marine, offshore and protective coatings markets and is justly proud of its reputation as a company which provides
high performance products, customer service and technical support second to none.
Among Jotun’s diverse range of products are the Steelmaster Intumescent coatings for the protection of steelwork against fire.
It can take just a few minutes for unprotected steelwork in a building to attain temperatures of around 550ºC in a fi re. At this temperature, steelwork loses its load bearing capacity and the structure is likely to collapse, giving little time for people to evacuate and even less time for the fi re service to bring the fi re under control.
Building regulations and legislation demand fi re protection to upgrade the fi re resistance of buildings and the Jotun range of Steelmaster intumescent coatings can certainly stand the heat. As modern design often involves steel being expressed as an architectural feature, intumescent coatings are frequently the protection of choice.
Solvent-based Steelmaster 60/120 offers up to and including 120 minutes of fi re protection and can be applied both on and off site. Steelmaster 60 WB is a waterborne product with low odour, often chosen as the ideal solution for on-site application. A full range of top sealers, both water borne and solvent-based are also available to complement the intumescent coating.
The helpful Jotun technical team can offer advice on specifying intumescents, interpreting the different legislation to recommend the most suitable Steelmaster products for your project. Their expertise will take into account the Environmental Protection Act, plus Construction, Design and Management regulations as well as factors such as the design of the structure,
desired service life, conditions during application and exposure conditions.
And the benefi ts of choosing Steelmaster don’t stop there! Jotun is a one stop shop for fi re and corrosion protection, products and services, can offer a support service to customers to assist the operator in utilising the products fully. Jotun run special paint schools for both suppliers and contractors which can be held in house or at Jotun’s premises to ensure the right coatings are specifi ed and applied correctly.
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Steelwork needs protection – against fire!
At a temperature of around 550ºC, steelwork loses its “load bearing capacity”. Unprotected steelwork could attain this temperature within minutes of a fire breaking out. However, today, building regulations/legislation usually demands some form of protection to upgrade the fi re resistance of the structure allowing the occupants time to escape and the fi re brigade suffi cient time to try and bring the fire under control.
Where to use Steelmaster? 
Modern design often involves the steel being xpressed as an architectural feature. When steelwork is exhibited in this manner, intumescent paint is often the preferred choice of fire protection.
Steelmaster products that can stand the heat!
Steelmaster – a single pack solvent-based, thin film intumescent coating for the fi re protection of structural steel to provide fi re resistance for up to 120 minutes. Steelmaster – a single pack, thin fi lm, waterborne, intumescent coating which provides p to 60 minutes fi re protection to structural steelwork in dry internal environments. It has very low odour, making it an ideal
solution for on-site application.
Steelmaster primers – Jotun offer a range of anticorrosive primers which have been fi re tested for compatibility with the Steelmaster intumescent coatings to ensure the integrity of the system in terms of fi re performance.
Steelmaster top sealers – a full range of top sealers, both waterborne and solvent-based, are available to complement our range of Intumescent coatings which may be tinted to most BS and RAL colours via Jotun’s MCI (MultiColor Industries) tinting system.

Shopping centres
Sports stadia
High-rise buildings
Offi ce blocks
Where aesthetics are important Jotun top sealers are available in a wide range of BS and RAL colours.

How to specify Steelmaster,

Increasing environmental awareness combined with legislative pressures such as EPA (Environmental Protection Act) and CDM ( onstruction, Design and Management) regulations place a demanding burden on the specifi er. The Jotun Technical Team can give advice and recommend the Steelmaster products that are most suitable for your project. Factors that need to be onsidered are not only the design of the structure, but also conditions during application and exposure conditions after application.

Selfridges, Birmingham, UK

Why specify Steelmaster

Jotun is a global player who can offer a “one stop” range of fi re and corrosion protection products and services.
Steelmaster solvent-based products are suitable for both on-site and innovative off-site application. Where Steelmaster products are specifi ed, Jotun offer a free of charge “spot” check service designed to assist the applicators to achieve a satisfactory specifi ed standard.
This does not in any way imply liability or absolve the contractor from their contractual obligations. Jotun offer a designated Intumescent Paint School for both specifi ers and contractors which can be held in house or at our premises.

Satellite Building Central Core,
Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Malaysia